Mini Militia Pro Apk 2019 Download Latest Version For Android


Mini-Militia Pro Apk is a game and is designed to play on Android and IOS device. It is a 2D shooter game. Mini-Militia listed as one of the most played games on Android device. In this game, the first player gets training from a trainer named Sarge at officer candidate school.

Sarge teaches about the use of robots, their movements and much more in the game. Now a team of Mini Militia had launched Latest Version Mini Militia Pro 2019. Users who are using it can update Mini Militia latest version 4.0.42  for free.

Mini Militia Pro Apk 

Nearly 50 million people are playing Mini Militia. Mini-Militia is a multiplayer action game and performed worldwide. Now Mini Militia Apk is found, and one can download it and enjoy its new features. Other details like installation discussed below the article. Installation is very easy and to make more accessible we have provided a few steps below. Kindly interested users can check it out. Download Latest Mini Militia Pro Apk 4.0.42 Version for free.

Mini Militia Pro

Mini Militia Pro App is a two-dimensional action game played by all the age groups. The huge number of users are increasing daily to play this game. It is now going popular and trendy. Maximum, all the Android and IOS users, are installing and playing Mini Militia Mod. Actually, Mini Militia is having two versions. One is free and the other is a pro version. Mini Militia Pro Apk 2019 Latest version is found on Google play for rs 100/-. Interested users can buy it from Google Play and enjoy the additional features. Now users can enjoy this Apk for free. One can download pro version Apk for free from the below link.

 Mini Militia Pro Apk 2019 Latest Version 4.0.42

Mini Militia game is played by 8 people at a time online. Sarge trains the users who are new to the game. Users can learn Mini Militia from Sarge who teaches offline, and one can also practice it on survival mode. After the users get perfection and grip in the game, can easily play and target the other users online.

In Mini Militia Pro 2019, a user has full access over the game. Here is the list of few Pro Features mentioned, users can check it out and Download Mini Militia Pro Apk V4.0.42 Mod.

  • Dual Wield Ability.
  • Online Weapons like – Laser, Saw Gun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper and many more.
  • Extra Avatar Customization.
  • Free Battle Points to unlock all the items in the game.
  • Access to own Custom Avatars.
  • Fixed all the bugs in the previous version.
  • Added new CTF – Capture The Flag mode to all the existing maps.

The modified version of Mini Militia is awesome and is amazing with wonderful features. This Mini Militia Pro game attracted by all the users and players are enjoying to download it.

Mini Militia Pro Apk Infographic
Mini Militia Pro Infographic

Check Mini Militia Pro Apk Infographic

Installation Guide For Mini Militia Pro 2019 Apk

Steps regarding the installation of Mini Militia are mentioned below. Users who are finding difficult to run this Apk can check out here. There is no need for any root access. It is 100% secure and easy to install.

Step 1 – At first unable to download from the unknown source. One can find it out in settings and security button.

Mini Militia Pro Apk Download screenshots

Step 2 – Now download latest version Mini-Militia Pro Apk 2019 and install it on your mobile device.

Mini Militia Pro Apk install Screenshot

Step 3 – Open and enjoy the features of the game.

File Information:

Application Name  Mini Militia
 Latest Version  4.0.42
 Ratings  4.5+
 Size Of Application  46.8 MB
 Developer  Royal Gamer
 Operating System  Android Devices From 3.0 + versions
 Number Of Installations Till Now  10 Million +
 Last Update Of Mini Militia  25th October 2017

Features In Mini Militia Apk 2019

  1. Team Battle and Melee attacks.
  2. Control on all the weapons.
  3. Online Multiplayer through Game Center and Local multiplayer through Wifi.
  4. Open Maps Worldwide.
  5. Dual Wield along with guns.

Name Of The Weapons Used In Mini Militia

  • AK47
  • M14 and M4
  • MP 5
  • Desert Eagleuzi
  • Shot Gun
  • Smaw
  • Machete
  • Grenades
  • M93BA
  • Magnum
  • Tavor
  • Phaser

Power-Ups Used In Mini Militia Pro

  1. Riot Sheild
  2. Health Pack
  3. Power Boost

 Download Mini Militia Pro 2019 Apk 

All the Android users who love to play games on their mobile devices will surely use this Mini-Militia Pro Apk. It is one of the best Android game app used by millions of people. There are a lot of amazing features added frequently by fixing all the bugs. Now its pro version is also available with awesome features.

Mini Militia Pro Apk

To make easy we have now provided all the details regarding download, installation setup, game rules and many more in the above section. Interested users and the users who are already using the app and wants to move to its pro version can check the updates here. Users can find more updates regarding all the Android Apps and Apk files on our Home page.

Mini Militia Pro Apk 2019 Latest Version

Installation guide for which we have provided for Mini Militia Pro  – so simple and easy to install. One can install the application and enjoy its cool features at free of cost. The user can find the download link in the above section. This app is not available on google play store for free.

The user who wants to use the app for free can Download Mini Militia Pro Apk 2019 Latest Version from the link attached here. More information regarding the updates, latest versions, Android Apks like Freedom Apk and more are updated here. So stay tuned to our website for more articles.


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