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Lucky Patcher Apk is an Android App developed by Chelpus. It is now going trendy on all Smartphones. There are a lot of Android Apps used presently. They are freely available on Google Play. According to one’s interest, anyone can download any App at free of cost. But we also find some paid a

pps on Google Play. That is few Android Apps are restricted to download for free. So, they fix an amount to the App. One can spend the amount and use the particular app. Now a new app named Lucky Patcher Apk 2019 had been released. It is a paid app and has many features. Interested users can download it from Google Play Store.

File Information: 

Application Name  Lucky Patcher
 Version  7.02
 Ratings  4.5+
 Size Of Application  6.5 MB
 Developer  Chelpus
 Operating System  Works From Android 2.2+
 Number Of Installations Till Now  3500 Million +
 Last Update Of Lucky Patcher  8th January 2018

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

By using this Apk, we can control all the Android Apps on your smartphone. It gets control over all the apps installed on your mobile phone. Using this app,  we can remove Google Ads from any app. Not only this, there are a lot of uses for this app. Users have a high satisfaction after using Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version. This app has fantastic and excellent features. But the main drawback is, it is a paid app. All the mobile users can use this app only by spending few bucks. One can Download Lucky Patcher 2019 New Version 7.0.2 from google play.

Lucky Patcher

Features Of Lucky Patcher Apk 2019

1. Backup

Lucky Patcher backups the installed apps on your phone. By doing this, data is stored and used in the future. It is also applicable for non-rooted devices.

2. Removes License

By using Lucky Patcher Apk 2019, we can remove the License verification. For Suppose if we download an app from some source, it shows license verification error. So, when we use the app, we can get through it that is it fixes the error.

3. In-App Purchases For Free

If users purchase Lucky Patcher once, then no need to pay for any In-App purchases. Users can freely use any stuff like coins, boosters, gems in all installed apps for free.

4. Converting App To System App

If any user wants to use an Android App permanent, then Lucky Patcher 2019 Latest Version is handy. It turns any installed app on your mobile to system app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk v7.0.2

5. Removal Of Ads

While using an app, we see some pop-ups, ads displayed on the screen. Now we can get rid of all this by using this app. It listed as one of the best Android App.

6. Custom Patches

In various apps, we have some modifications. All this can do by installing Lucky Patcher 2019 on your smartphone. So, users can Download the app and patch anything to your installed Apps.

7. Convert Apps To Sd Card

Few apps take more storage on your mobile, so we can move those particular apps to Sd Card Memory by using Lucky Patcher Apk. For this, we have to root the device. We do this to save the internal memory on the mobile phone.

Lucky Patcher Apk Infographic
Lucky Patcher Apk Infographic

Check Lucky Patcher Apk Infographic

Installation Guide For Lucky Patcher Apk 

Installation of the app is comfortable and is user-friendly. We have provided the Latest Lucky Patcher Apk 7.02 version download link below. One can click on the link and download the app. Here we have also mentioned a few steps to install this application easily. The app used by the rooted device and non-rooted device. But by using the rooted-device, we have the chance to use all the features of the app. This facility is not available for the non-rooted device that is limited features applicable.

Steps To Install Lucky Patcher Apk 2019

1. First, open settings on your mobile phone. Then click on security and enable unknown sources. It is different on different devices. For easy access, we are showing it on Samsung Mobiles.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download Screenshots

2. Now open the Lucky Patcher Apk file and install it on your mobile device.

3. Then after installation, open the app and downloading of the app starts.

Lucky Patcher Apk Install Screenshots

4. While downloading a warning box appear on the screen, just click on the ignore button and continue.

5. Now you will find Lucky Patcher Apk 2019 Latest Version on your mobile.

In-App Purchase Guide By Lucky Patcher Apk

All the features of Lucky Patcher are easy to use. Few instructions regarding mentioned in our article. Users have a complete idea about the app by seeing this. One can check it out without delay. Follow the steps to use in-app purchases.

I. After downloading the app, just open it.
II. Open the app and select Create Modified Apk File Option.
III. Now rebuild the app by choosing Apk rebuilt and Ivi emulation option.
IV. After rebuilding, open the file.
V. First, uninstall the original app and later install the modified Apk.
VI. Now we can get any in-app purchase free of cost.

Using this procedure, we can use any app for free. In-app purchases are employed freely by using Lucky Patcher Apk 2019. It is suitable for the rooted and non-rooted device. But for the rooted-device, there is no need to rebuild Apk and install once again. Only 80% of apps can be hacked using the app. In Lucky Patcher Latest 7.02 version, bugs fixed. Also, few custom patches, translations, and Google Play Proxy Servers are updated.

Uses Of Lucky Patcher

  • Remove Ads from any App installed on your smartphone.
  • We can also change permissions for any app.
  • Using Lucky Patcher Apk, we can create the backup of any app on your mobile phone.
  • Information About the App clearly mentioned.

Lucky Patcher Apk Screenshots

We have provided complete information about Lucky Patcher Apk. More updates and information regarding the app frequently updated. Thanks for visiting our web portal. Hope our article helps you a lot. More about Android Apps listed on our Homepage. Kindly check it out.

Latest Version Of Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher has been used by millions of people. A lot of features added to the app. It frequently updates and releases the new version. The users who are already using the app and want to try its new pro version can Download Lucky Patcher Apk 2019 V7.0.2 here. By using the app, one can freely use in-app purchases, one can also change the app permissions and also the most important feature is, we can block the ads. Here in this web portal, you can also check on ES File Explorer Pro APK information.

The app can be run on any Android, IOS mobiles and also on PC. Its pro version released recently and is on 29th April 2018. Chelpus had developed the app and the size of the app is 4.67 MB. Lucky Patcher Apk works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. We are nowhere to explain clearly how the App is used. Below are a few among them. The users can check it and try it out and enjoy its new cool features. Other Android Apk details are also found in So tune of the page to get updates regularly.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk 2019 

Steps to Remove Ads Using Lucky Patcher

  • First, open the app and click on the menu option.
  • Then select remove Google Ads.
  • After that patch to remove Google Ads and click on Apply button.
  • Now a user can enjoy the app without any Ad display.

Steps To Remove License Of Any App

  • At first, download and install the app from the link provided in the above section.
  • Later open the app and click on the Menu option.
  • Now click on Remove Licence Verification.
  • Then tap on auto mode and wait until the license of any app removed.

Steps To Use Modded Google Play Store

  • Using this modded version of play store, one can no need to remove any License.
  • It automatically approves any licenses from any app. It automatically not updates any app.

Here are the amazing features of Lucky Patcher Apk 2019.


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